Mixed media on garden dwarf
22cm,  2010

A 3d experiment with a cheap garden dwarf contaminated by an eidozoon.
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Topolino contro i Vermi

"Topolino contro i Vermi" è un'insolita storia a fumetti ambientata in una Topolina alternativa, in cui le mie viscide creature cercano di convivere con i topi nativi, facendo nascere tensioni razziali.

Parte delle immagini è ©Disney. Clicca sull'immagine (o qui) per leggere il fumetto.

"Mickey Mouse against the Worms" is an unusual comic strip set on an alternative Mouseton, where my slimy creatures struggle to cohabit with native mice, creating racial tensions.

Part of the images is ©Disney Clic on the image to read the comic, go to my Flickr Page for english translation.
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Oil on cheap landscape, 50 x 70 cm, 2010

I've painted colonies of iridescent outgrowths upon a cheap and anonymous landscape, found in a basement, flourishing upon the pristine brush strokes of a forgotten painter. The enigmatic presence of their shapes, placid yet austere, redeem the picture from its own stupor giving it a pulsating new life. The landscape, stolen from the dust and finally inhabited, now shares the destiny of these silent guests, at the expense of its own anonymous identity, but in exchange for a luxuriant, perturbing new youth.

Running for the Celeste Prize 2010
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