Murale @ La Tabacalera de Lavapiés

Il Dono


During my short stay in the gorgeous city of Madrid, I had the great opportunity to visit La Tabacalera, a large Social Centre in the heart of the multi-ethnic district of Lavapiés.
The recent occupation of the huge construction (originally a tobacco factory) quickly leaded to lots of interesting social, artistic and creative projects, and I'm sure that its popularity amongst Madrid people, yet already very strong, is bound to fly more and more high.
Of course I couldn't refuse the opportunity to test my recently acquired wall-painting skills to embellish a pair of the many walls that this place has to offer. The results are in this Flickr set.

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Walls & Collaborations

The goddess


Sistema Digerente

I've recently started to collaborate with my street-art friends. And... feels good, man. Really. :)
Works in collaboration with Ale Senso e Fedone.
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Eidozootic Venus

"Eidozootic Venus"
Mixed media on ready made
27 cm, 2010
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