Lo specchio organico now available here and on Etsy

UPDATE: sorry but the booklet is now SOLD OUT.

Today my first 30 copies of the book arrived. I immediatly made them available for purchase on Etsy, or directly here on my blog. I decided to make it no more available on-line throught Lulu for the following reasons:

* I check each one of them and send only the ones with none or very minor flaws. Some of them have very ugly ink stains or whatever, and if you'd buy directly from Lulu you can't be sure it won't happen to you.

*Each copy comes signed and, if you please, dedicated.

* To print a single copy of the booklet is much more expensive for Lulu than 30 or more. So if you make Lulu to print one copy for you, just a few cents really come to me and the remaining is used to cover the huge cost of printing starting. Buying from me, you'll be happy to know that less money is wasted, and more of it is used to incourage art, at the same retail price.

*Moreover, and for the same reason, is much more eco-friendly to make a 30 copies edition than a single edition.

So, beginning from now, you can buy "Lo specchio organico" right here at my Etsy shop.

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