Disegno Novo - Challenge the Paper

I don't dislike social networks, when they are not totally useless (who said Facebook?): on the contrary, I'm almost an addict of Flickr.
Recently I'm enjoying rising a group, called "Disegno Novo - Challenge the paper!" that collects talented drawers in the Flickr community, slightly filtered by my own taste (so usually there are lots of tentacles and line drawing in there!) in order to help each other to improve and show artworks. I'm always keeping an eye on what's going there, and I have to say that there's always more than one quite interesting artwork every day, so I invite you all to take a look, you could find some great drawing and illustration like these:

"Equilibrio" by Bailon

"Judith" by Lady Orlando

"Senseo" by Redmer Hoekstra

"Ricky8" by Silav

not an artist_0346
"Not an artist_0346" by I ain't an artist

String Theory
"String Theory" by Ori Toor

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