G40 - The Summit

I'm glad to officially announce my partecipation, with my "kiss series", at the NewBrow orgy that will go under the name of G40 - The Summit. An event organized by the contemporary art gallery ArtWhino that will take place at Arlington, Virginia from the 1st of march.
This huge event will gather more than 500 newbrow artists from all around the world, who will show their art for all the month of march. Some of the featured artists have really great names such Caia Koopman, Casey Weldon and Scott G. Brooks!
Unluckly I won't be there in person, (although I'd really like to) but my little work will be there to say: "Hey mum! Look at me! I'm in it too!"
Find out more details at the official site and, if you have a chance, be sure not to miss it!

an incredible work from the featured artist Casey Weldon (all rights reserved)

The Kiss

One of my two "kiss"pieces for the show. Well, maybe I shouldn't have posted it right below Weldon's one :D
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