I just joined the "Moly_X" project, an international Moleskine™ sketchbook exchange. It's extremely interesting, here it's how it works:

You, an artist, a drawerm whatever, buy a japanese fold moleskine notebook, the one with the accordion-like pages (that was the hard part, here in Italy), then join one of the many Moly_X groups on the web, and start a drawing in the first few parts of the giant-page, and then send that moleskine to the next artist. At the end of the circle, each artist will receive his own scketchbook filled with drawings from talented artists from all around the world. Exciting, isn't it?

The "circle" I have joined is Moly_X_72, along with Kelley Frisby, Chris Hack, Jeni Yang, and Son Do Minh. So be sure to follow it as soon you will see something cool happen in there!
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  2. Nice site Dapper, thank you. But if you really enjoyed my blog why don't you use a less spammy talk next time? :)